How to network during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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In unprecedented times like this, networking may seem like a chore and even a burden. It may seem hard when the lines are blurred between work and home. However, networking can be a great way to know your potential employers and learn industry insights from leaders, HR directors, and entrepreneurs. So here are some of my three tips on networking during the pandemic.

Find a purpose

I believe that networking without a goal is like fishing without a rod. So it’s essential to know why you would like to network and engage in a conversation with a professional. You could be looking for a new career, building company contacts, or learning about industry insights. Finding the purpose of your discussion is particularly important when looking for a job as you want to leave a robust reputation with your future employers

Taking part in online events

Attending online events, whether it is online career fairs or educational webinars, are a great way to network with employers and managers during the pandemic. It is vital to be proactive during Q&A discussions which can also allow you to learn about the industry and recent developments within a specific field.

One platform I highly recommend is LinkedIn Events. This feature launched in 2019, which is a hassle-free way to manage and promote online events. You just need to add in your location and an optimised introduction paragraph to get started.

Diversifying your network

At times, reaching out to other users can feel intimidating and confusing. Additionally, we can’t guarantee instant chemistry with new contacts as some people may not wish to interact after connecting on LinkedIn. It is essential to get out of your comfort zone to connect with people from different industries and job titles.

Diversifying your network can also allow you to explore other sectors that can give you a more personal taste of how a particular career or role might be like in normal or COVID conditions. It also allows you to contact entrepreneurs and new businesses who may be looking to hire in the future.

I hope you have enjoyed this short article, do feel free to share your thoughts.



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